Story Time

Mrs. McWorther-Dragons Love Tacos 2

Mrs. Todd- Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses

Mrs. Cochran-A Friend Like You

Mrs. Bragg-St. Patrick's Day Nonfiction

Mrs. Jackie-Imogene's Antlers Story

Mr. Jensen- The Three Little SuperPigs

Mrs. Hutchins- The Napping House

Mrs. Todd-Piped Piper's Magic Story

Mrs. Glenn-I Like Myself Story Book

Mrs. Jessie-Pre-k- Hatch, Egg, Hatch

Mrs. Hutchins-The Day the Crayons Quit

Mrs. Driver- Grace for President Story

Mrs. Wilson-Pete the Cat and the Big Easter Adventure

Mrs. Jackie-If You Give a Cat a Cupcake

Mrs. Driver- Alexander Who Used To Be Rich Last Sunday

Ms. Curl- If You Give a Pig a Panake

Mrs. Todd-Duck on a Tractor Story

Miss Warren- Mr. Peabody's Apples

Mrs. Hilton-Reading Elmer Story Book

Miss Warren- Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

Mrs. Witt-The Wolf's Chicken Stew

Mrs. Todd-There's a Alligator Under My Bed

Mrs. Gunter-Llama Llama and The Bully Goat

The Armadillo From Amarillo-Mrs. Todd

Kindness is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler-Mrs. Hutchins and her daughter

Mrs. Cochran-Monty and Millie Story

Mrs. Hilton-The Billy Goats Gruff

Mrs. Holder-A House for Hermit Crab

Wearing a Mask Social Story-Mrs. Hutchins

Mrs. Todd--First Day Jitters Story

Mrs. Hutchins-The Girl Who Thought in Pictures

Mrs. Hutchins-The Very Hungry Caterpillar

One School, One Book

Lemonade Wars-Chapter 1- Mrs. Sheldon

Lemonade Wars_Chapter 2-Mrs. McWhorter

Lemonade Wars_Chapter 3-Mrs. McWhorter

Lemonade Wars_Chapter 4-Mrs. Vaught

Lemonade Wars_Chapter 5-Mrs. Vaught

Lemonade Wars_Chapter 6 part 1--Miss Warren

Lemonade Wars_Chapter 6 Part 2-Miss Warren

Lemonade Wars_Chapter 7-Miss Warren

Lemonade Wars_Chapter 8 Part 1_Mrs. Hutchins

Lemonade Wars_Chapter 8 Part 2-Mrs. Hutchins

Lemonade Wars_Chapter 9-Mrs. Hutchins

Lemonade Wars_Chapter 10 part 1-Mr. Jensen

Lemonade Wars_Chapter 10 Part 2-Mr. Jensen

Lemonade Wars_Chapter 11-Mr. Jensen

Lemonade Wars_Chapter 12 and 13-Mrs. Sheldon

Lemonade Wars_Chapter 14-Part 1-Mrs. Sheldon

Lemonade Wars_Chapter 14-Part 2-Mrs. Sheldon

One and Only Ivan

One and Only, Ivan-Section 1-Mrs. Sheldon

One and Only Ivan_Section 2-Part 1-Mrs. Jackson

One and Only Ivan_Section 2-Part 2-Mrs. Jackson

The One and Only Ivan_Section 3-Mrs. Warren

The One and Only Ivan_Section 4-Mrs. Bullock

The One and Only Ivan-Section 5-Mrs. Todd

The One and Only Ivan_Section 6-Mrs. Witt

The One and Only Ivan-Section 7-Mrs. Hilton

The One and Only Ivan_Section 8-Mrs. McWhorter

The One and Only Ivan_Section 9-Mrs. Driver

The One and Only Ivan_Section 10-Mrs. Sheldon

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