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Welcome Red Carpet Readers!


The goals of the Media Center are:


  •     To assist students in the development of the attitudes and skills which will enable them to become independent, life-long learners
  •     To provide students and teachers with access to a variety of informational resources and materials
  •     To provide access to materials that support a wide range of student needs, abilities, and interests

Checkout Guidelines:


Library books may be checked out by students for a period of one week.   They may be renewed, if necessary, but must be brought to the media center for renewal.  There is not a fine for overdue books.  Overdue notices will be sent out periodically.


Students may come at any time during the day for individual check out.  All students must have a pass when visiting the media center unless accompanied by a teacher. They should come at least once a week to exchange their books.  Checks out limits are as follows:


* Kindergarten- 1 book at a time   

    First and Second Grades- 4 books at a time and the books remain at school 

   Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades- 2 books at a time  Students are responsible for books checked out in their name.  Fines for replacing or repairing a book will be assigned to students who lose or damage their book(s).


Prices will be determined from available current information. Fines for damaged books will be assessed in proportion to the damage.  The media specialist will determine the fee.  Fines will include an additional $1.00 to cover the cost of processing.


Media Programs

Accelerated Reader  - READ WITH THE STARS!!  We will be "Red Carpet Readers" during this year's school wide AR reading program!  Students will read to work towards their own personal reading goals.  We will acknowledge those students who meet their reading goals each grading period with a celebration in the media center!